Ex-Team Ninja Lead Itagaki Speaks About What's Next

Former Team Ninja lead Tomonobu Itagaki is in the catbird's seat, having moved on from Tecmo and on to things not Ninja Gaiden or Dead Or Alive related. It's even better for us.

That's because Itagaki can now trashtalk Tekken and whatever happens next in the Dead or Alive series, given his new position at a game development start up that's comprised of more ex-Team Ninja developers than you'd expect. Itagaki and team tell 1UP that more than 22 developers jumped ship from the Ninja Gaiden team after a disagreement with Tecmo management that saw team members heading for the door.

So what's Itagaki and crew up to now? Well, he and top level staff formerly of Team Ninja—Hiroaki Matsui, Katsunori Ehara, Yoshifuru Okamoto—are already working on something under the unofficial "Tokyo Vikings" name. That something we won't see for awhile, as Itagaki says they won't be showcasing their product at this year's E3.

But they have a lot to say. Check out the full interview for hints about what they have planned.

Tokyo Vikings: Tomonobu Itagaki and Crew Return With a New Team and Xbox 360 Game [1UP]


    Itagaki's game... it will have a pair of something that bounce, and it will be for xbox360 only.

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