Finally, Some Heavy Rain Gameplay Footage

It's been a bad week for PR stunts, yes. So it's heartening to see that when Heavy Rain comes out with gameplay footage, it actually comes out with a decent amount of gameplay footage.

What you make of it all is another matter. It... looks a lot like Indigo Prophecy to me. Indigo Prophecy meets They Live.

Those are just two of my favourite things.


    Ew, Quick Time Events...

      Greenman, I hate Quick time events as well, until I played Indigo Prophecy.

      I wish I have a PS3 so I can play heavy rain.

    i loved indigo prophecy so any of that awesomeness in a game looks pretty sweet to me

    will look into this one when it comes out

    Why do the characters look so damn lifeless. I still can't believe nobody's been able to implement the type of believable facial animation Valve put in Half-Life 2 5 YEARS AGO.

    i agree wit brad, the characters look very unenthusiastic.

    Why was there a pool of blood BEFORE the guy was squashed? It just suddenly appeared before he went down.

    The pool of blood thing is obviously just a bug. What worries me is the woeful voice acting. I thought Heavy Rain is supposed to be a full cinematic type experience...the natural sequel to Indigo Prophecy as far as the movie/game cross over thingy.....
    Obviously I was wrong.

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