First Ashes Cricket 2009 Footage

First Ashes Cricket 2009 Footage

Wanna see what cricket looks like on a “next-generation” console?

Foxsports interviewed Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting recently. He was standing in front of a TV screen showing gameplay from Ashes Cricket 2009, the recently announced cricket sim from Codemasters and Transmission Games.

You can watch the clip over at now.

And you can see some more screenshots here.

First Gameplay Video via FoxSports [, thanks Luke!]


  • Though we can see some good gameplay but we can’t judge the game on this basis of this footage video because they have really worked hard.

    Please wait for reviews and more official videos before deciding about this game.

  • “Wanna see what cricket looks like on a “next-generation” console?”
    I’m pretty sure my copy of Yuvraj Singh (Indian cover of Ricky Ponting) 07 is for the 360.

    • @Jake Elliott

      The pedant in me would suggest that that game was essentially a PS2 game ported up to the 360…

  • On the video, the keeper/bowler looks like they take the bails off every time they receive the ball from the field, which was one of the problems of Ricky Ponting 07, and how could they let the game’s representation of Ricky Ponting go out for a single digit score while the real deal was right there?

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