First Big Boss, And Then Raiden

Leaked scans from the upcoming Famitsu show another familiar Metal Gear character: Raiden.


    There's been speculation on this site that the countdown ends the day of th microsoft press conference.
    The famitsu article reveals a second count down revealing raiden that starts this day and ends the day of the Sony press conference.

    Mulitplatform perhaps?

    So far here's what I uncovered through various sources with my limited japanese:

    It will be on PS3 and PSP (not the same game, but two Metal Gear titles). Not said as to whether it will be on Xbox but not ruled out.

    That is not Big Boss, but referred to by Kojima as 'that old man'. Apparently the latest clone, speculated to be Akiba by the interviewer, though suffering advanced aeging ala Snake in MGS4.

    The symbol on his hat has something to do with the story line, which is a skull/globe with french translating to 'Soldiers Without Borders'.

    The story will span a significant period of time, with events happening AFTER MGS4.

    Hmm, let's see.

    The letters we saw were..

    Let's rearrange some...

    I can get PS3... and PSP.. but for the PSP, there would have to be another P, however R and E would be left over...
    Also, You can form PRE3S, if you count 3 as an E.

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