First DJ Hero Trailer Is...Yeah

Here's the first trailer for DJ Hero. Until now, I've tried to keep an open mind about the whole thing. But seeing this? Hrm.


    That shit was BANANAS!

    Screw that! Looks like crap. I dont even have guitar hero but id definitely play that any day over this crap. Guitar Hero Metallica is looking GOOD!

    How can you judge this game without any gameplay shown. If anyone remembers beat mania on playstation you will know DJ games can be awesome fun.
    @ Brent L - I've been playing GH Metallica all nite and its freaking awesome. Creeping Death is the best track so far.

    Please. Please! Cancel this crap! Now!

    Alright, so they used a shit song in the trailer, but they mixed the track alright that it didn't sound as bad as the original song.

    Will be looking for some more info, but it's looking alright

    guys please dont judge it off of this trailer go to youtube and look up "DJ Hero Daft Punk Trailer" now that will blow your mind and have you obsessed with the game especially if you like daft punk. fuck this trailer please go look at that one you will be like omg thats awesome!!

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