First Look At AFL Challenge For PSP

First Look At AFL Challenge For PSP

afl-screen-2Sony’s passed along three screenshots of the just-announced AFL Challenge for PSP. Check ’em out.

AFL Challenge bears the official AFL license, so rest assured all the teams and players have their correct names. It’s being developed in Melbourne too, for that touch of authenticity, by Wicked Witch Software.

And remember, this – like the NRL game also announced last night – is releasing in July only on the PSP. Check the Rugby League Challenge screens over here.



    • looks good? are you serious?

      the character models and animation poses look like they were designed by humpty dumpty.

      I can only hope it plays good…

  • I don’t have a PSP so if Sony give me one I promise that I will buy both this and the NRL game on day one. But they would never do that so no sale.

  • AFL + decent video game = universe explodes.

    AFL 99 for PS1 is possibly the worst sports game ever made. Example: Aboriginal player Mal Michael is a white guy with blonde hair in AFL 99.

  • Used to be a huge AFL fan, but now The World Game has taken me over, realising how bad AFL actually is (But still want the Power to win)

    In most sports games there’s a a semi-decent strategy that you can put in (Soccer – formations, NFL – plays etc.) but AFL can’t decide on a proper set of rules for more than 1 season. And well, there’s never going to be enough of a market for a good AFL video game.

    I remember my parents buying me Kevin Sheedy’s Coach from whatever year that was, and well, I think I played maybe 5-6 matches.

    Ahhh, the memories from AFL 99. “That was a real Captains goal,” “The way he balanced that left knee on the shoulder” (With only 2 spectacular mark animations)

    Almost had as much class as the Shane Warne Cricket ’99 commentary. “In the air……..and safe And out!” “He’s hit that one right into the commentary box”

    As bad as some sports games are, its moments like that that are priceless

    • Almost had as much class as the Shane Warne Cricket ‘99 commentary. “In the air……..and safe And out!” “He’s hit that one right into the commentary box”

      Haha, or when theres a green light, but you’re a meter outside your crease, vice versa. I wouldn’t mind when it was safe when it wasnt.

      I use to HATE it when in was in, clearly, but called me out. 😀

  • mate.. andrew demetriu is turning afll foootbal mroe and more lyk irish footy , a non contact sport playd a a high pace,
    becuz he wnts this in futrure years to become i world wide sport.
    So then there wld b a decent afl game
    but our great loved AUSTRLIAN sport will be ruined ! u fools

  • looks cartoony
    i dont think it would make me by a psp
    ill stick with my ds until sony make a real psp 2 with better graphics and only downloadable games, no gay umd drive.

  • You guys have all forgotten about AFL 2007 that actually wasn’t a bad game. There might have been a bit of lag and graphics weren’t that good but at least it was alright.

  • Rollsta is right, AFL 07′ was half ok…..psp is overrated though, i’ve been waiting 4 a game like this but it dont look that great…

    • I didn’t really like ’07 I preferred ’04 premiership editon… I thought that one had the best controls… but every game after that I just couldn’t seem to get right… Hope they make a good game with user friendly controls that are responsive!!!

  • You all need to stop your bitching. I will definitely buy this game, even if it is bad. PSP is easily the best handheld console ever, and if anyone says the ds is better, well i won’t respond because you’re obviously 12 years or under, because nintendo only know how to make games for infants.

    • Mate, you just showed how closed-minded you are. PSP and Nintendo DS are both great handheld consoles, but the DS has plenty of awesome games.

      If there needs to be blood, gore and swearing for it to be a good game in your eyes, then it’s not the game that’s at fault.

  • serious whats with graphics they pulling out(guess it was made in melbourne after all), might as well make it down loadable to phones.
    *side note* my mate old nokia 3310 can even support this game, did they get a bunch of first year uni kids to do an assignment on this?? “your assignment is to make a game and the topic is AFL”

  • i can’t wait to play it because being here in the states is horrible when it comes to finding anything to do with the afl. thank goodness the psp is region free. you aussie guys are lucky to be able to watch footy coverage whenever you want

  • Only like 30days to go 2/7/09….
    I think the best AFL games will be like.
    1.Easy COntrolls
    2.Realistic Marks(lol AfL 06 you speccy in a raining match and take the mark one handedly not even against ur chest)
    3. A special bar, each clean disposial builds it up then you can peform specials like, sprint, torp, banana, ROBERTSON a.k.a Speccy.
    4. WEst Coast eagles challenge, play as barry hall and punch as many players in one minute

    • Guys if u dont wont to play it wait for da PS3 and Xbox 360 video game coming out next year by Big Games Games. Check it out at Big Ant Games website

  • who cares if the game looks shit ill still buy it the day it comes out i love afl foot and ill play any game that any one ,akes

  • ayyeee guys there is another WAY BETTER GAME on ps3 and xbox360 and pc coming out in early 2010 its called “Australian football” and its by BIG ANT STUDIOS its really cool plus the afl challange isnt that bad i tested it and beside the graphics its awesome!!

  • I’m buying it when it comes out tomorrow. Looks like fun. Plus it’s only $50 at EB and you may as well get it if you’re thinking about it coz u can take it back at EB if it’s really terrible. Doubt it though

  • Not happy went in to pick it up yesterday, had it on preorder only to find out that it had been delayed why the F*** do we have to wait untill After round 14 to get the game the seasons nearly over, FIFA games come out the year before the one on the title eg FIFA 10 comes out this year.
    AFL 2007 was by far the best one so far gameplay wise I have played all the AFL games since AFL Finals Fever (96 PC only) 99 Sucked and 2005 was terrible suffered the same problems indigenous players were white on the PC and then on PS2 all players were Indigenous.
    When AFL 2010 is released next year it better be ready by preseason, hopefully if it is sucsessfull they will put in The VFL, WAFL, SANFL leagues as seen in FIFA games.
    Untill then I will have to be contempt with AFL Challenge.

  • 03/09/2009
    That is the Release date according to EB games Website
    WTF is going on at wicked witch games? are they sitting around smoking crack not realising that the season is nearly done by then the season is into the finals. Did they finally realise that they needed better sponcors on the signs our was it the fact that none of the funking players had numbers on thier backs CHRIST GET IT OUT NOW

  • I was shattered when I saw that release date. How could they get their first release date so wrong, then delay it a week, then 2 months?! Doesn’t make sense.

  • Turns out its been delayed because of lack of public interest.

    Could have seen that coming it doesnt help when they dont advertise in stores or TV. All of youse who want the game please pre-order at any game place that does pre order so they will release it!

  • Sent email concerning the release date, and they replied that they are going through approval processes with Sony and AFL. How could they get a release date so wrong, though?

  • If that is so maybe they will bring the release date forward it should not take another 2 months to clear it, I hope it has commentary though

  • why didnt they bring it out on ps3 because more people have ps3’s and it could be better graphics and better everything?

  • mainly cause they are tools if anyones interested I have written an essay/ story thingo on AFL games from AFL Finals Fever (1996) to AFL Premiership 2007 if anyone wants to read it

  • yea look at the screen shots, the players are far too pixelated… almost like a mobile phone game…

    I don’t see how PS3 or XBox will make the game any better… BTW look at the incredibly realistic crowds in the last screenshot… PSML!

    Think the AFL video game fans need to accept this is a good as it will ever get…. and the expected poor sales from this means its unlikely they’ll go down this road again 🙁

  • Just played it and its….
    dissapointing, the ground that you play on is one that an ametur team would play on, there are no numbers on players jumpers and no comentary, there are 18 players per team and you cannot make interchanges and there are no injuries or suspensions the players mark 50 ft in the air and it keeps no stats what so ever, I have a right to compalian too because they delayed it by 3 months plus you look at games like Fifa 2009 and it has over 5,000 players and makes up new ones as it goes along.
    Just look and the credits at the end of the instructions and you will see how little effort went into this, at least it is difficult when you put it on hard actully make that impossible. Red Ant have one due next year it better be funking good

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