First Look At Rugby League Challenge For PSP

rugby-league-2You've seen the first screens of Sony's AFL game. Now see the first screens of their NRL game.

Just like AFL Challenge, Rugby League Challenge has secured its code's official license, meaning all the proper NRL teams and players should be present and correct. It's also being developed in Melbourne by Wicked Witch Software, for that... erm... touch of authenticity.

And, yep, this one's solely for the PSP and will be out in July. Check the AFL Challenge screens over here.




    This game MUST be released for the Wii!!
    Imagine flick passes & dummies with the Wii remote! I'd buy it for sure!

      there is one coming out on wii

    Give me NRL 98 any day that game was the pinnacle of arcade style sports fun!

    i hav been waiting for what seems like forever for some sort of rugby game to come out on psp. to be honest i never thought it would happen. it looks like i will hav no other choice but to pick this one up even if it turns out to be shit

    will state of origin and euro super league feature in the rl challenge and will international teams like france be in the game?

    Hey guys Rugby League 3 is coming out on wii in October

    I will be buying this!!!

    Also there is a Rugby League game coming out on Wii on October 30th, I will also buy that

    Hi all,

    Don't get too excited about NRL on PSP I have purchased the game and I regret it, The graphics are reasonable but it does not have the stadiums it only has a ground with small grandstands and looks like it's played in the local park.

    If I'm doing something wrong and it does have the stadiums then I can't find them and the book that comes with the game gives you nothing if you have the game and the team stadiums then let me know.


      ps: u lost and we won up the manly

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