First Look At Smash Bros. Designer's Newest Title (Made In Sakurai)

While we're extremely confident this isn't the new title from Kirby creator Masahiro Sakurai Nintendo announced this February, Sakurai does say it is the first game from his new Nintendo start up, Sora Ltd.

(It's more or less the first Sora game by default as he's appearing in a Nintendo promo for the latest WarioWare title Made In Ore.)

Made in Ore lets players design and craft their own WarioWare games with the game's own on board editor. Sakurai does just that in a Mario in Ore promotional clip.

The clip itself isn't exactly thrilling and is heavy on the Japanese language, which is a roadblock for those who don't understand the lingo. But it's still relatively interesting to see Sakurai craft his Japanese-style game, drawing watermelons and Tengu.

Sakurai does admit that making your own games in this time consuming way is "a pain", reminding him of the basic tools he used when he first entered the game industry. He does, however, see a larger merit for Made In Ore.

"People who don't know how hard it is to make these titles think that video games are just like junk food," Sakurai says. "I'd be so thankful if this makes some people understand that making video games is this hard, this bothersome and that developers work so hard." What's more, he hopes that people can see how wonderful it is to make games that others can enjoy.

The first of his Made In Ore is called Issen. Sakurai spent about two hours on the game — he would've liked more.

The game is available for download via Nintendo's Wi-Fi service.

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