First Modern Warfare 2 Details Emerge From Game Informer

Infinity Ward's eagerly awaited follow up to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare hits retail shelves this November, but the sequel is being featured in the latest issue of Game Informer right now.

And that means highly coveted details on Modern Warfare 2 went from print to internet at lightning speeds. Game Informer subscribers and advanced recipients who already have the issue in hand have revealed information on the game, which is said to be set a few years after the events of Call of Duty 4. In Modern Warfare 2, players will tackle a Russian terrorist threat in icy locales—where snowmobiles in war makes sense.

But don't count on cooperative play during Modern Warfare 2's story mode. That multiplayer option looks to be limited to the game's "Special Forces" mode, which is described by Infinity Ward president Jason West as "in the spirit of [the]Mile High Club" mission from Call of Duty 4.

West also describes the gameplay in Modern Warfare 2 as "wide open and has a lot of variety." But expect a more linear story, one just a touch longer than that of its Infinity Ward-developed precursor, because West contends that "any good story is on rails."

For more details and some spectacular looking screen shots of the game in action, pick up the newest issue of Game Informer as soon as you see it.


    Please no "one man army" this time. Please. Please. I don't want to be the one person who causes the advancement of an entire war, it's just absurd...

    How about the news for DJ Hero? Looking forward to that, but can't find it on the net anywhere

    Could be nice, but then again..

    Will be as big success seeing as though It's nothing fresh? The reason Call of Duty was such a success was because between Call of Duty and Medal of Honor series the World wars have been done to death, Call of Duty:MF Was something new, fresh..

    Will it be as big? Even as a sequel, even as something not completely new?

    Wow - i actually have a feeling this is gonna BOMB big time. I'm looking forward to it so much, MW1 was such a big step forwards in not only CoD Series but FPS too.

    However - i know a lot say Treyarch are shit compared to IW and that IW's games are superior to Treyarchs. But World at War - no matter what anyone says is a great game. Yes it is MW but WWII but thats what i LOVE about it and thats what makes it great. It has multiplayer and Nazi Zombies (soon Jap Zombies).

    MW2 looks like it will lack a multiplayer overall. Online of corse will be available, but to not even include a Co-op story is ridiculous for such a popular and successful series where Treyarch who are supposedly shit can even include that!

    Now the CoD series overall, lacks the online co-op multiplayer that Halo offers to 4 PEOPLE ON ONE CONSOLE. It's different if a less popular game does to generate more sales for its game etc.. but CoD series are well known enough to put that title in a game will sell millions. But wait Modern Warfare 2 doesn't have CoD in the title - either way it is going to sell.

    CoD need to include at least 2 player online multiplayer from the one console. Think of people for example, two brothers who only have one console and can't even play online together with one being the Guest.

    infinity ward - DON'T MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN!

      Ow my head.


      Here's the thing though; just because other games offer co-op story doesn't mean that every game should. For starters you have to really design games around the idea of co-op. Look at Resident Evil 5; the entire game was build around the two-player aspect.

      Taking that over to Modern Warfare, why should they feel the need to throw in story co-op? If they took out offline multiplayer then they would be stupid and deserve to be hit for that, but to sum up your post you're saying that games that don't offer story co-op suck.

      I enjoyed the original Modern Warfare and I personally feel that some of the scenes in it would have been ruined with the inclusion of a second player. How would you have replicated the feeling of isolation and hopelessness after the aftermath of "Shock and Awe" with two players instead of just Jackson? What about the ending scene of the game, how would that work with two players?

      If they want to throw in story co-op then good onthem and I hope it's good. But I'm not going to complain if it's left out since I was never expecting it in the first place.

    Well said West. Open world stories rarely cut the muck.

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