Flash Fridays: Crush The Castle

Flash Fridays: Crush The Castle
crush-the-castleTrebuchets are so awesome. Here’s a game where you are a trebuchet.

Crush The Castle gives you a trebuchet loaded with a limited number of rocks. There’s a castle consisting of a precariously stacked collection of wood, brick and people. Launch your trebuchet to knock down the castle and kill its inhabitants.

Physics come into play as the rock hits the structure, the fortifications wobble and collapse. Once you’ve knocked down on castle, you can select a new one to conquer via the world map.

Give it a go.

Crush The Castle [Armor Games]


  • Aw man this game gets hard really quick. I breezed through the first 15 or so levels and then got stuck at 18.

    Some levels you need to get one particular dude on the first shot or you’ll never get him. Rather frustrating, to say the least.

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