Flash Fridays: Learn To Fly

learn-to-fly-pic-2The penguin is a flightless bird. Hence the name of today's Friday afternoon time-waster.

Learn To Fly gives you a penguin, a ramp and a stern determination to prove evolution wrong. Slide down the ramp then launch your penguin into the air, tapping the arrow keys to adjust its body weight in flight.

Completing jumps earns you cash based on time, distance and height. This cash can then be spent on upgrades to your penguin's aerodynamics and the ramp it uses. There are even gliders and rockets to buy as you strive for greater air time.

Learn To Fly [ArmorGames]


    This is just like that Wombat Launch game on ArmourGames (not a bad thing! I love that game)!

    That was a very constructive half an hour :)

    Shit graphics...

    Hehe nah, this was pretty fun... bit short though, and some of the jumps get a bit boring watching him fly for 5000 ft.

    Gee THANKS David, now I just lost 45 minutes of my afternoon pretending to be a flying penguin... >_>

    took me 44 days to get to 6000 the first time...

    lolz at endingz...

    Took me 31 days.

    Good fun.

    Thanks I really enjoyed this game! 29 days ...

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