Flashback Turns Back The Clock On The IPhone

Delphine's classic platformer Flashback is now available on the iPhone! Seeing as it's only one of best games ever made, this should be good news, but then, this is the iPhone we're talking about.

Which means expectations need to be tempered. Early reviews are complaining that the game has rubbish controls, and that it's not the original title, instead being a port of an open source version of the game.

Nevertheless, I haven't tried it myself, but at $US6 that'll probably change shortly. After all, if the original is so timeless, then an iPhone version of the game can't be that bad, right? Right...?

Flashback iPhone draws early user criticisms - is it how we remember? [Pocket Gamer]


    YEP! Had this game on the Amiga.. in fact.. I STILL DO!!! ORIGINAL IN BOX!! hehe!

    So guess what i might do later this week.... fire up the ol' trusty Amiga, and have some 50" plasma retro fun!

    The only difference is... my Amiga has a 4gb flash card in it, and a Hard Drive loader program... so no annoying disk swaps or slow loading! BLISS!

    Who needs to play crappy ports when you have the original hardware ;o)

    Had this on sega mega drive, still one of my most loved games.

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