Forza 3 Event Spits Out Another Perfect Dark Tease

Last week's Xbox 360 event in Sao Paolo, which teased Forza 3, also spun off another rumour tidbit. That pic, sent over to Destructoid, which is the second in-the-wild sighting of Perfect Dark on XBLA.

The image, says D'toid, comes from someone who attended the Brazilian showing and quickly snapped the image. A video of the event, showing Forza 3, was uploaded and quickly taken down.

On the ESRB, Perfect Dark remains rated only for the Nintendo 64, not XBLA.

Someone Tapes Something they Shouldn't Have, Forza 3 Confirmed [Destructoid]


    It's probably just a still taken using the Xbox webcam of a PD screenshot. Wishful thinking...

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