Forza 3 Teased, Expected To Arrive In 2009

Forza Motorsport 3 is definitely coming to the Xbox 360. That's a poorly kept secret, as confirmation of the game's existence was leaked last year with early details spewing forth from the infamous Intellisponse breach.

It's starting to look like Microsoft and developer Turn 10 Studios will have something to show soon, more than likely at this year's E3 expo. The forthcoming racing game's logo was teased at a recent Xbox 360 showing in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a subtle, hype-generating mention that was spied by CVG. Unfortunately, that video appears to have been removed by the user.

Based on the presentation, it looks like Forza Motorsport 3 will show up some time in 2009, as the title appears on Microsoft's publishing slate alongside games like Bungie's Halo ODST.

When the game was unexpectedly revealed last year, internal documents touted features like 400 vehicles, 100 tracks, car deformation and an "assist system." rumoured to spread across two discs, Forza 3 would be the biggest entry in the series in size and scope.

Forza 3: First official glimpse [CVG]


    Awesome. I can't wait for this. All we need now is a release date and confirmation on what the contents of the limited edition will be.

    C'mon E3.

    A workmate bought a 360 yesterday, to play the current crop of racing games on. That got me back into playing Forza 2 again... I'd forgotten how much of a grin some of those cars put on my face.

    From day dot ive been a Grand Turismo guy.My first taste of Forza then Forza 2 made me sell my PS3.Forza lets us design the look of your car your driving and also allows you to wreck it.Im hanging for Forza 3 just needs more tracks and more cars and slightly better graphics and it will be a hit.drew

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