Free Realms Cards Dealt To Stores This Week

Sony Online Entertainment's new free-to-play online game Free Realms launched last week, and now it's time for the pay-to-play collectible card game.

A collaboration between SOE and trading card company Topps, the Free Realms collectible card game mirrors the one built-in to the PC game. A point's based creature-dueling title, the first physical release features more than 180 colourful cards that are sure to have children annoying the hell out of their parents every time they wander by the card aisle at their local Target. Making things even worse, each set contains virtual loot cards, redeemable for exclusive in-game pets and items.

Booster packs and starter decks should be trickling into retail locations this week, priced at $US3.99 and $US9.99 respectively. The starter deck comes with a 40-card deck; a playmat; and exclusive black Labrador in-game pet; and exclusive in-game t-shirt; and an exclusive in-game racing cart. There goes my disposable income for the month.

I mean, there goes parents' disposable income for the month. I would never spend good money for an in-game pet. Not when Baron Von Fluffy is already decked out as a kitty dump truck.


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