From Software Joins The Teaser Website Club

Best known for giant robot Armored Core and stealth Tenchu games, Japanese developer is following the heard of developers launching teaser sites that announce an announcement.

The site features two doors blocked by a velvet rope. There's a placard that reads "2009.5.22 OPEN". With the number of Armored Core and Tenchu games From Software churns out, there's a good possibility that the company is announcing, that's right, an Armored Core or a Tenchu game. Those guys might as well have a giant mecha dressed as a ninja holding that velvet rope.

So the site goes live next Friday — never mind that Famitsu scans leak days before that. But we'll play along and pretend to be surprised. At least From Software isn't spamming our Twitter feed with announcements of announcements.

Some Teaser Site [From Software]


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