Game Controllers That Clean Your Filthy Hands

You know those shaped soaps at your mother's house that no one is allowed to actually use? Here's our version, courtesy of Etsy seller Digitalsoaps.

Digitalsoaps offers our favourite video game weapons, lovingly recreated in the form of scented soap products. Take the green Xbox 360 controller above. Scented with Mountain Dew, it's the most extreme gaming soap ever created by the hands of man. The store also produces NES controllers, PlayStation controllers, Wii remotes, and a rather lovely Super Nintendo model, all present in the gallery below.

I love the contrast between the real item and the recreation. Game controllers are probably some of the dirtiest things in any gamer's household, and soap generally isn't found. Kidding! I am of course referring to the contrast between ultimate dirty and the embodiment of cleanliness that is soap or something like that.

The only problems I have with soap shaped like game controllers is that I could never bring myself to use them to clean myself, and if I got drunk enough I would totally try to eat them. To address that second concern there's the Digitalchocolates store.

Digitalsoaps Etsy Page [ - Thanks Jwu!]


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