GameStop's Exclusive Brütal Legend Tenacious D Axe

Gamers who pre-order Brütal Legend from GameStop will find themselves on the receiving end of an exclusive in-game guitar, crafted via unholy alliance between Double Fine and Tenacious D.

While the exclusive pre-order axe certainly has a striking look, the differences between this and your ordinary Brütal Legend guitar are far more than skin deep. Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D have provided voice work for the promotional instrument, which also features new sound effects, visual effects, and "geeky technical stuff" like textures and shaders. It's a bit deep. Just be comforted by the fact that the official EA announcement assures us that "it's going to rule very, very hard".

The guitar will also be visible to other players during online multiplayer, so everyone will know you cared enough to drop off at least $US5 at your local GameStop sometime before the game's October 13th release, and isn't that what it's really all about? No? Okay.


    I pre-ordered this game from Ebgames/Gamestop and I live in Canada, and the bastards didn't send me a limited edition copy... I'm pretty upset and disappointed, and all I can say is I should have went to BestBuy! One of my friends ordered it from BestBuy and got the limited edition, and he even pre-ordered it after I did!

    GameStop can go **** themselves I'm never ordering from them again!

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