Gaming Ladies Look Better In Vector

Designer Thomas "Akutou" Pereira likes him some video game ladies. And some vector art. Combine the two and, yes, you see where this is going.

While there's plenty of great stuff on Pereira's website - we're suckers for anything and everything Kurt Russell - it's the Jill, Gum and Sheva pics that are easiest on our colour-starved eyes.

AKUTOU [via GameSetWatch]


    This story should be taken down. I've just spent 5 minutes on google and found all 3 images. This 'designer' that your site is now giving a free advertisement to, is ripping off *real* artists, and that bugs me.

    There is nothing difficult about taking an image from google, tracing it in illustrator and selling it on their website as their own work. Its plagiarism and its rubbish that people can make a living from it.

    Yep definitely seen that Jill art somewhere..

      I think the point isn't that Thomas drew these himself, but rather he applied a vector art illustration technique to them. And to quite impressive effect, I might add.

        Surely if that were the case he should credit the original artists. Vectorizing already existing art isn't exactly hard. Hell, you can do it with the click of a single button in Illustrator. This is blatant art-theft no matter how you look at it.

    Live Trace in Illustrator looks good, as long as you don't go 'round calling it your own......

    if you take a photo of somebody and draw it out, is that considered plagiarism as well?

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