Gears 2 DLC Has New Maps, Deleted Campaign Chapter

Gears 2 DLC Has New Maps, Deleted Campaign Chapter

dark-corners-01-aTurns out that Gears of War 2 multiplayer map pack revealed this morning will be a retail and a DLC release. And that’s not all.

While the retail edition bundles all previous DLC plus the seven new multiplayer maps on a disc called Gears of War 2: All Fronts, the DLC will deliver just the new content in a pack called Dark Corners.

As well as the multiplayer maps, Dark Corners also comes with a “deleted campaign chapter” called Road To Ruin. According to Microsoft, this chapter sees “Marcus and Dom return to the Locust Hollow in a scene that can be played two ways, guns blazing or in all-new stealth mode.”

Dark Corners will release on July 29 and cost you 1600 Microsoft Points. No word yet on when the All Fronts disc release will be available in Australia, nor how much it will cost. UPDATE: Microsoft has confirmed with us that there will be no retail disc release in Australia. Looks like we just get Dark Corners, not All Fronts.

Wait… stealth?


  • Stealth? In Gears of War?


    *rolls around on the floor laughing at the notion of stealth in a Gears of War game*

  • Dammit. I’d like that campaign mission, but there’s no way I’m paying 1600 points when the multiplayer mode is still fairly messed up.

    • “Still fairly messed up” try realy fucked up, Epic have one thought in there head’s and thats “screw the rest of the world us in-bred redneck are all that matter’s” Epic have realy screawed the pooch with GoW2 and there not willing to admit they fucked up.

      • Even us “in-bred rednecks” agree with the fact GoW2 is f’ed… =)

        I appreciate the article “Who Put Stealth In My Gears?”

        I’ve been an avid advocator of GoW2 being a broke dick donkey for some time… and I was waiting to see how bad they f’ed up Dark Corners.

        GoW2 has somehow went from hero to zero. I hope they fire the Cliffy PoS cause he obviously has lost his touch.

        Catch some waves for me! Or w/e it is ya’ll do down under these days.

  • what a suprise no disc for OZ, middle finger to OZZIES once again MS,

    A short list of whats screwed with ms
    1. no region preference for GOW2,
    2. no wolverine demo (even though the game was released in oz first)
    3. no arkanoid,
    4. no exit 2,
    5. no community games,
    6. no netflix,
    7. no inside xbox or majors minute,
    8. 1500 point cards instead of 1600 points so you have to buy 2 if u wanna get 2 800 point games,
    9. laggy nxe experience, 1 minute to load up friends page and navigate between tabs is screwed,

    • wiggidy wiggidy whack
      true datttt
      some sites say that we are getting the disk
      hope we do
      DBOT187 you are the hotness

    • Wow, that is teh suck… I believe they will work on expanding… the internet has come under serious censorship as of late =( Many governments (including the states) are backlashing. Probably cause their is no money in it for their fat wallets.

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