Gears Screenwriter Wants The Rock

Chris Morgan just finished the Gears screenplay and knows who'd be a perfect Marcus Fenix. "A really f'ing good actor" who can blend silent toughness with humanity. AKA Dwayne 'The Rock" Johnson!

Talking (again) to the MTV Movies Blog, Morgan calls The Rock "a genuine actor. Not only can he play the tough guy, but he can also play the nuanced, sensitive funny sad moments as well. But finding that guy is incredibly difficult."

Well, that plainly describes the job description Johnson faced in "Walking Tall," so of course he'd be perfect as a post-apocalyptic Buford Pusser.

Sensitive? Funny? Sad? I know Gears of War 2, the game, won praise for writing and developing characters that a player might actually care about. But who are we kidding here. This is a movie adaptation of a game, and the financiers of such projects couldn't give a shit for a plot or dialogue. They're greenlit because they put asses in theatre seats for a single, easily marketable reason: shooting shit and/or kicking arse, not interpersonal communication.

This isn't the first mention of the Rock as Gears material. Back in October, Ripten hallucinated a movie poster that had him cast as Dominic (with fellow rassler Dave Batista as Fenix.)

Screenwriter Chris Morgan Weighs In On Who Should Play Marcus Fenix In ‘Gears Of War' Movie [MTV Movies Blog via Digital Battle]


    If Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson gets a role in this movie (or any other movie for that matter) I won't go and see it.

    He should go back to wrestling where he belongs.

    Personally I'd rather see Vin Diesel get the role of Dom. Yeah sure he might not be the best choice but he'd be a damn sight better than "The Rock".

    i agree. How did i just see this coming? i mean it's a movie made from a game with badass characters... i know guys! let's get an ex-wrestler to act! If it's gonna be any wrestler, it should be dave batista, mainly because he can easily look like marcus. why the hell would you get some dark actor to play a white character!? (no racism intended) This is beyond a joke guys! do you honestly want this to turn out like doom?

    Wooo! Another Game to Movie adaption to be fucked over by Hollywood! While they're fucking it up why not bring in Uwe Boll to fuck it up even more!


    I freakin' hate hollywood. "Oh wow here's a top selling , lets rape it with bad cliche's and poor actors, yet still make millions by solely cashing in on a name".

    Ring any bells? Spiderman 3, Watchmen, Max Payne, Dragonball, etc... etc...

    Now we have another casualty to add to the list. Don't they understand they're going to make the game itself far less credible/enjoyable? Or do they not care so long as it pads out their wallets?

      i thought watchmen was really good....

    Real actors to portray video game or cartoon characters simply don't work. Look at Dragon Ball Evolution, look at Hitman.

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