Grasshopper Working With Square Enix

Japanese game designer Goichi Suda has a "video game brand" called Grasshopper Manufacture. That company has made games for lots of companies, but did you know that Square Enix was a client?

Via website Siliconera, here's a breakdown of companies that Grasshopper has worked with, and the titles that were produced. Companies such as D3 Publisher that hired Grasshopper for audio assistance are not listed as primary business partners.

ASCII: The Silver Case CAPCOM: killer7 TECMO: Fatal Frame IV ELECTRONIC ARTS: Untitled horror game MARVELOUS INTERACTIVE: Contact / No More Heroes UBISOFT: No More Heroes NAMCO BANDAI: Samurai Champloo / Blood+ One Night Kiss Q ENTERTAINMENT: Untitled horror game SEGA CORPORATION: Shining Soul II SPIKE: Michigan Report from Hell SQUARE ENIX: ???

Also included in this list of primary business partners are platform holders Sony and Microsoft. But Square Enix? Sure, we knew that Suda was working on something with EA, but did we know about Square Enix? We do now.

GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE > company [Grasshopper Manufacture via Siliconera]


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