GTA Chinatown Wars Completists Exceed 4000

It's not easy to get to the very final mission of Rockstar's DS Grand Theft Auto. But the number of people who have done so has doubled in the past month.

When last I checked to see how many people had jumped through the hoops to access the final two missions of Chinatown Wars, it was April 9 and 1,912 people had pulled it off.

They had finished the game's main missions, logged onto development studio Rockstar's hub website, synced their DS to that site, had that syncing operation deposit two statues in their game, found the statues, re-synced their stats and gotten themselves onto the listing of others who have done the same.

The game had been released on March 17, three weeks before I did my first count.

One month since that count, that number is 4,458, as can be seen on the Rockstar Social Club site (registration required). That many people have taken all the above steps, giving themselves new content and giving Rockstar a good look at their gaming stats.

(I'm #34 on that list. But I had an edge. Rockstar had hooked me up with a copy of the game for review a little early.)

We don't know how much Chinatown Wars has sold globally, but it had sold 89,000 copies in the U.S. by April 4. Those numbers aren't enough to indicate what percentage of Chinatown Wars players have completed the game.

But it's a small enough percentage to make gamers who have done it still feel special.


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