Guitar Hero 5 Dated, Out In September

Activision have unveiled a new website for Guitar Hero 5, in the process confirming not only that the game is returning to a numbered title, but that it has a ballsy new release date.

And that date is September 1. Cocky! You may have heard, a certain other music title is due out in early September. One that features the Beatles.

Something tells me that the market isn't big enough for both those games. Retail shelves probably aren't, either. We've got ourselves a plastic instrument showdown here, folks, and my money's on the one starring most popular band of all time.

Those that are still planning on picking up the fifth title in the series, know that the lineup of confirmed artists appearing in the game now includes:

The Rolling Stones The White Stripes Kings of Leon Tom Petty Bob Dylan Johnny Cash Santana Vampire Weekend Beatie Boys Coldplay Duran Duran Gorillaz Jimmy Eat World Muse The Raconteurs



    Same old Neversoft Guitar Hero.

    Rubbish songs, rubbish game.

    Frigggin'! Gah!

    DLC is the way of the future, I tell you. I bought GH:WT very reluctantly after having bought Rock Band a year before and there is no god damn way I'll be buying a full new set of instruments or w/e. Even if it's just a standalone game, I still maintain DLC is the way to go.

    With the stuff that comes out every week for Rock Band, I can PICK AND CHOOSE what I want. I feel like I've gotten my money's worth. Forking over $100 for a few songs I might like and a few I won't? Ridiculous. Profitwise it doesn't make sense, but ok yeah I don't have an argument for that.

    /repeating something that's already been said a thousand times

    o haii im guitar hero your friendly neighbourhood cash cow!

    only band i like there is Muse, what happened to the actual whole guitar experience? nowadays we see more crap songs with little skill or variety in the guitar. Guitar hero 3 had a great setlist which was evened out and involved great guitar work, whereas world tour just involved the same chord line repeated with hardly any riffs or solos, i mean come on P!NK?

    Looks good to me, I don't get these comments about activisions song choices, I've liked almost every track list.

    The only thing that has me raising eyebrows is beastie boys, I like listening to a couple of white boys(old men?) rapping as much as the next guy, but they just aren't fun to perform in guitar hero.

    seriously. im about as interested in the beatles as i am in eating charcol. And i think the average 10 to 25 year old is the same as me. its got a market but will it sell more then GH5? not a chance. its too specific and GH has plenty of broad popular stuff in it.

    only thing they both need to do is MORE METAL!!!!! its always the most fun to play

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