Have Evangelion's Misato Read Your The News

The PS3 isn't getting a Neon Genesis Evangelion game from Namco Bandai and Cellius just yet — but rather, a live news program. Make that, a live new program anchored by character Misato.

The news program runs on software that collects news from real-life news (politics, the economy, sports and, yes, the anime industry). A Cellius voice synthesis engine is used to have Misato read said news in real time on this Nerv News 24 television program.

It's even possible to customise the show's backdrop to the secret Evangelion Nerv headquarters, Misato's dinning room and whatnot. It's also possible to customise her hair and her clothing.

The Misato Katsuragi News Project goes live in Japan on June 6.

ヱヴァンゲリヲン:葛城ミサトがキャスターに PS3でリアルタイムのニュース番組配信 [Mainichi via ANN]


    Misato in a lingerie, sitting on her bed, telling me about the latest suicide bombing in Iraq?

    The 360 needs this off PS3 quick! This is a system seller!! >_>

    Can we get a news feed to explain what the hell happened at the end of the series? Cause it made absolutely no sense towards the end.

      Since they kinda ran out of money during the original production and just threw all of the scraps together to make the last part, the only real way to see the proper ending is to watch End of Evangelion. Mind you, I missed a massive chunk near the end of the series, so even that didn't make much sense, but it was still a lot better than the original scrapped-together ending.

      All human consciousness became one. This was the goal of the human instrumentality project.

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