HAWX U.S. Eagles Pack Flies Tomorrow

Europe has had their go, and now it's America's turn as Ubisoft prepares to release to U.S. Eagles Pack for Tom Clancy's HAWX.

The U.S. Eagles pack for HAWX features five new U.S. aircraft for the game, which is one less than the previously released European pack, but then again we're only one country. Besides, the planes in the U.S. pack are so much better. We get the F-4 Phantom II, the F-111 Aardvark tactical striker, the A-12 Avenger stealth bomber prototype, the F-15 the Peak Eagle, and the Blackbird. You know who else flies a Blackbird? The X-Men. Professor Charles Xavier, after no doubt reading the minds of the greatest military leaders of our time, chose that plane...or maybe it just looked cool.

Either way, HAWX players can fly it tomorrow, for 400 Microsoft Points or $US4.99 in PlayStation dollars. I've included a gallery below, despite the fact that you've already seen all of the screens.


    So a couple of plane reskins, and one of the preorder planes (that you can unlock via a code anyway)... are Ubisoft trying to take the "world's worst DLC" title from Ace Combat 6?

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