Heads Roll At Valve Over "Leaked" Team Fortress 2 Vid

There has been speculation that the "leaked" Team Fortress 2 video from the weekend was not leaked at all. Speculation that, in light of events at Valve HQ today, seems entirely without merit.

Incensed at the lapse in security, the company's notoriously mean Team Fortress 2 blogger (byline says Robin Walker, but we have our doubts) has taken action. What began as a witch hunt with the noble goal of punishing those responsible for the "leak" has ended in a pink slip bloodbath, with all but one of Valve's entire staff shown the door throughout the day as investigations into the security breach snowballed.

Last to go were secretary "Marianne" and Greek intern Stavros Xanthis, who while now unemployed, should be proud they lasted until the end of the day, so ruthless was the blood-letting. Example: spare a thought for poor writer Marc Laidlaw, who somehow managed to be fired twice.

For a full play-by-play of these extraordinary developments, head over to the official Team Fortress 2 blog.

Team Fortress 2 Blog [Valve]



    Please, you can't just critise Valve for joking about firing it's staff in this economic crisis, then turn around and say that you won't buy anything from them again. 1) Everyone knows that all these "I'll never buy from again!" is a joke and they're always the first in line. 2) Not buying games from them increases the likelyhood that employees would be laid off for real, so if you're upset over fictional firings but okay with real ones then there's something wrong with you.

    Anyway, well played Valve, well played.

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