Here, Your New Dawn Of War II Maps

As part of the big Dawn of War II update announced last week, Relic will be releasing two new maps for the game. This is what they look like.

Both maps are built for the game's new 2v2 multiplayer mode, and while there's nothing terribly new about them (they're both use Calderis assets, so no new terrain or buildings), Relic do promise that they've been custom built to take advantage of the new 2v2 gameplay.

The first map, Medean Cliff Mines, is built around a central hub, while the second, Ruins of Argus, is basically an "urban" map offering lots of buildings and cover.


    Why does the Calderis map look more Urban and city like than the Argus one? :/

    I was a beta tester for this game and finally got around to buying it on Saturday. Good timing I see! Will be testing out the content very soon :)
    My only wish is that they'd announce an expansion pack that introduces Sisters of Battle... I miss my girls :(

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