How Should I Organise These Console Cords And Cables?

Getting settled in my new house and am trying to streamline my console setup. I've reduced consoles to current gen only. But still am facing a mass of cords.

You're staring at cords and cables for a Japanese Wii, a 60GB PS3 (with backwards compat), a Japanese Xbox 360 and an American Xbox 360. Looks like a fire hazard! Probably is. Likewise, behind the TV is a mess and mass of cables and cords.

Trying to figure out a way to make this neat and tidy. There are a couple options I'm exploring — though! We don't call this tag "Kotaku Helpu" for nothing. Your advice and expertise is most appreciated.


    The first thing you should do is buy a power board with an inbuilt surge protector that has a lifetime warranty for everything attached to it. Because if there is a power surge it could cost you a lot!

    A few thoughts come to mind...firstly, do what i do and dont look behind the tv (and ive done most of the stuff im going to mention)...
    seriously though, maybe wall mounting the power board on the wall would bring some order to those cables.. then cable tie/velcro/this stuff which sorta resembles a cork screw made of flat plastic (i know its used on the hydraulic hoses on cherrypickers/cranes etc) in which you wrap your cables to give the illusion of one cable...also looping up(maybe even flattened loops) and cable tieing excess cable. this will help you make it neater but it will still be a mess...

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