How To Use Your Universal Remote With Your PS3

Universal remote controls use infra-red. The PS3 communicates via Bluetooth. Which, up til now, has meant the console wouldn't work with universal remotes. But no longer!

Yes, the mysterious PS3 IR adaptor from Logitech (which we've covered previously) is now out in the wild, and any and all questions you may have about the device have been answered. The adaptor is powered via a powerpoint - so no need to use one of your PS3's precious USB ports - and will set you back $US60.

It works a little saucily. First you synch it to your PS3 (like a controller or remote). Then, at one end, it takes your remote's infared signals. At the other end, it spits out a Bluetooth signal so your PS3 can understand.

It'll mean a quick reconfigure of your universal remote, but if you're a remote obsessive compulsive like I am, $US60 is probably a price worth paying. Logitech Harmony PS3 Remote adaptor Review [Gizmodo]


    So this is a universal IR -> Blutooth device? Does that mean it will work for computers and stuff as well?

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