How Wolfenstein Updated Its Nazi Cheesecake Ladies

"Early on there was a small faction within the team that wanted the new Elite Guards to be less 'sexy' and more utilitarian in their look," writes Raven's Kevin Long. Yeah, that didn't last long.

"There was also a slightly larger faction that wanted them to be sexy and wearing skin-tight leather outfits," Long says. That faction might include a sizable percentage of the millions who've played the game since Return to Castle Wolfenstein introduced the Elite Guard.

Wolfenstein will bring back the ladies and give them the standard S/M arsenal - whips, chains, throwing stars - and also give their hooker-y evildoing an additional dimension.

We incorporated the idea of them using the power of the Veil as a weapon to attack BJ and his Faction allies. Along with those deadly Veil powers, the Elite Guard can also create nefarious monsters that they control. When the Elite Guards use the power of the Veil, an evil looking skeletal glow shines through their skin and grows denser as they attack.

You can check out some concept art and get advance word on these enemies' AI through the Wolfenstein blog on IGN. And if you are fortunate to be at E3, the Wolfenstein booth babes will be modelling the Elite Guard look.

Wolfenstein - The Elite Guard [IGN via VE3D]


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