How's Killzone 2 Selling These Days?

April wasn't the best month for the U.S. video game industry, reflecting a drop in spending on things that weren't a Nintendo DSi or price reduced PlayStation 2. But how's Killzone 2 selling these days?

According to Gamasutra's monthly deeper dive into NPD Group sales figures, the answer is 58,000 copies last month. Good? Bad? Well, it's slower. Having moved 323,000 copies in its first month on the market, dropping to 296,000 the next month and settling into where it is now. We'll leave the ultimate judgment of whether that's a positive or negative for third month sales up to you.

Sony has already gone on record about Killzone 2's sales successes, touting a million copies already sold through worldwide and noting that U.S. sales have exceeded the company's expectations. Soldier on, Killzone!

Killzone 2 Adds 58k On PlayStation 3 In April NPD [Gamasutra]


    I'm not afraid to admit I love fps's, but I grew up with them using a mouse. No matter which fps I've tried on a console, I just can't aim the damn thing as quick and accurately as I would like to.
    Unreal on the ps3 managed mouse support, I understand the unfair advantage mousers would have, but I mean is it too hard to have a mouse only server??? Surely not this day and age! The more ppl which watch killzone controlled via a mouse and see the benifits, the more will get mice for their ps3's and more killzone units will ship.

      Hundreds of people happily use a 360 controller to play FPS games. I had trouble to begin with, but now I'd never go back.

      Yeah I have the same problem as you man, I could see that Killzone 2 was well-made, but I could never get past using a gamepad for a FPS. It felt so woefully slow and inaccurate!

    killzone 2 was only a 'meh' kind of game, it was OK but not as good as hyped

    I've actually never been a PC gamer. The only game(s) i've ever really played on a Computer, is like Age of Empires.

    So i've never really known FPS to be a Computer Game & not a console game. I had the N64 & the PS1 - but Halo on Xbox introduced me to FPS and the whole obsession with Video Games.

    That sounds kinda cheesy, cause Halo is pretty much the most well known FPS along with CoD Series. But i've never had a problem with using a controller - thinking of playing a FPS on a computer with a mouse & keyboard just makes me dazzled.

    In fact - using a keyboard & mouse for any game other than RTS & games like WoW - just seems weird. Probably because i am a console gamer before anything else.

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