Indiana Jones Wii Cracks The Whip

This clip, from the upcoming Indiana Jones & The Staff of Kings for the Wii, shows how Indy's famous whip works. Basically, you waggle to use, and you use it for everything.


    send the clip to Iga-san at Konami, whipping is apparently too tiring with waggle.

    Why are all the jumps Indy makes just a little short?

    Looks like great fun! Too bad about the last generation rubbish graphics. The Wii is so bitter-sweet. If Microsoft release motion control as suspected we might see this in HD. I would feel so much better.

    Graphics look like the original Godfather game (PC Version) which is at least 3 years older than this.

    Bit like madworld, me thinks, too much wii-mote waggling

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