Indie Tuesdays: Glum Buster

Indie Tuesdays: Glum Buster
glumbuster-2We’re suckers for gorgeously minimal pixel art here at Indie Tuesdays. Which is just part of why we find Glum Buster so special.

It may look in screenshots like a platformer, but in practice Glum Buster is a puzzle game. A very delicate, almost ethereal puzzling experience, in fact.

The goal is to reveal the exit hidden within each area by interacting with the environment in two ways: left-clicking shoots a glowing orb, right-clicking attracts things towards you. Your orb can alter objects or creatures in the world, while use of the attract ability can cause further interactions between objects. Hitting upon the right interactions will solve the puzzle and trigger the exit to appear.

Does that make no sense? Don’t worry, the concepts are slowly introduced and the early areas allow plenty of leeway for random clicking until, well… everything clicks into place. Stick with it and you’ll be astonished at where it eventually leads.

Glum Buster [Cosmind]

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