IndieCade E3 Booth Gives Sneak Peek At Festival Entries

IndieCade, this year, is Oct. 1 to Oct. 4, but 25 games out of the hundreds submitted so far will be previewed at the festival's E3 booth.

This will be the first U.S. preview of games for IndieCade, whose inaugural festival was last year. Stephanie Barish, the IndieCade president, touted the entries by noting last year's expo showcased game makers who reached deals with the big three console makers, so, expect to see more of the same quality.

"This year there will be even more opportunities to inspire the industry and cultural institutions with games that turn our idea of play inside out, that keep fans engaged – and do it passionately, on small budgets, and in innovative ways," she said in a statement.

No games were specifically mentioned for this event, but if they're any indication, you can get a look at last year's selections here.


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