InFamous Is Definitely Done, A Little Early

Kotaku is confident to report that PS3 open-world super-hero game inFamous is done because, well, we have a copy in Kotaku's NYC office. (Hey, that's my hand!)

We're talking finished, in a box, on a disc, slapped with the logo of development studio Sucker Punch. There's even an instruction manual that includes a penultimate-page tease for Uncharted 2, hyping the fall 2009 availability of that game.

The news here is that inFamous appears to be the rare game that is finished, shrink-wrapped and mailed to the press more than a week before release. Usually such deliveries arrive just a few days before or after a game ships to stores. Copies of games sent earlier than that to the press typically arrive in paper sleeves or on discs that can't be played in the home consoles sold in stores.

InFamous already appeared to be finishing up sooner than expected. Last month, Sony announced that the game's June release date was being swapped for a May 26 one.

The takeaway may be that inFamous was finished comfortably and confidently by its deadline. Not having popped the game in yet, it's hard to say for sure. Reviews are not permitted until next Wednesday.


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