Is Edge Teasing Pikmin 3?

The newest issue of Edge magazine may give us our first look at Bizarre Creations' newest racer, Blur, via the cover; but it's the teaser nestled near the back that may generate the most excitement.

According to GoNintendo, the mag ends with the typically cryptic Edge teaser, one that's leading to speculation of an impending Pikmin-related announcement. While the full-page "Next Month" hint may look simply like a carefully manicured lawn, it appears to also contain a teeny-tiny secret: a wee Pikmin-shaped purple blob.

Nintendo has been forthcoming with its intentions to create a new Pikmin game. At last year's E3 expo, Shigeru Miyamoto told select press that the developer was making an all-new Pikmin.

"We're making Pikmin," Miyamoto said. Yeah. They're making Pikmin.

Whether that new Pikmin is a proper sequel for the Wii or for the Nintendo DS remains to be seen. Since the mag's new issue date is June 4th, a few days into this year's E3 expo, we'd expect an announcement to happen then.

RUMOR - Current EDGE issue features teaser that may be related to Pikmin 3? [GoNintendo]


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