Is Q Entertainment Still Making "QJ" For Atari?

Last year, Atari announced it had buddied up with Rez HD and Lumines creators Q Entertainment for a pair of projects: the Live Arcade cash-in comp Qubed and the enigmatic "QJ." Where are they now?

Well, Qubed is still listed as a to be released title at retailers like GameFly. But QJ hasn't made a peep since its announcement as a Wii title. And given recent developments at Atari—including its pull out of E3 2009 and a last minute publisher switch on Ghostbusters for Europe—we're getting a little worried.

Add to that recent chatter from Q Entertainment co-founder Tetsuya Mizuguchi who indicated on his personal blog that he'd had to cancel a new project due to an unspecified "financial crisis" and we start e-mailing people

Unfortunately, multiple emails to Q Entertainment and Miz himself have gone unanswered. And Atari's issued us an official "no comment" about the status of QJ. That might be interpreted as a bad sign.

Siliconera dug up a recent news tidbit about QJ, which apparently licensed a BT and DJ Tiesto track for the game. But that was back in March. So we don't know what to think.


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