Is That A 160GB PS3 On Sale In Australia?

Is That A 160GB PS3 On Sale In Australia?

ps3160gbThe latest Harvey Norman catalogue contains something quite odd.

Reader Filip sent in this scan of the current Harvey Norman catalogue. As you can see, they’re advertising a PlayStation 3 with a 160GB hard drive, plus Killzone, for $768.

Thing is, the 160GB PS3 has never been released in Australia.

In fact, after it was announced for North America and Europe at the Leipzig Games Convention in August last year, Sony went on record saying the console would not be heading for Australia or New Zealand.

The Harvey’s catalogue isn’t just a typo either. As the ad helpfully points out, the 160GB PS3 is “Double the capacity of the standard 80GB PS3”.

We’ve asked Sony to explain what’s going on. Meanwhile, has anyone sighted the rare 160GB PS3 at other local retailers? UPDATE: Sony has confirmed with us that this is a Harvey Norman initiative whereby customers can opt to have the existing 80GB hard drive upgraded in store. By the sounds of it, you can choose from a range of hard drive sizes and presumably also the make and model.


  • It’s a standard 80GB PS3, that HN has installed an aftermarket HDD into on-site. My local HN does 160/320/500GB versions.

    • so…. am i only having it upgraded in store to preserve my warranty?? if not, why am i not installing a bigger HDD myself?.. i have the skillz.
      also, are there additional firmware updates that need to be added to allow larger HDD… or perhaps thats why i cant do it at home – what a jip!

      • @Lecks
        you can do it at home
        it doesn’t void the warranty and no new firmware is needed… all you need is a standard 2.5″ hdd, backup data on the current hdd(assuming you want to), pull the little cover off the side, unscrew one screw, slide the hdd tray out, unscrew 4 more screws holding in the hdd, do previous steps in reverse.
        my ps3 has a 500gb hdd in it atm, while I put the 40gb in an external hdd case thing…
        if you want better instructions just google how to upgrade ps3 hdd and you’ll get many results with pictures

  • The HN here in Townsville are doing 320GB HDDs too. I’m guessing they’re trying to move stock?

    • ymm
      May 21, 2009 at 4:33 PM
      That’s nothing!

      I’ve got a 250Gb PS3, and it even has PS2 backwards compatibility

      ymm, how do I make mine PS2 backwards compat.? Please its driven me nutts. PS does it work with new slim?
      Thanks mag.

  • “It’s a standard 80GB PS3, that HN has installed an aftermarket HDD into on-site. My local HN does 160/320/500GB versions.”

    Does this mean it’s in effect no different? Does the official 160GB one have anything better than the 80GB besides the HDD? Are the aftermarket HDD’s as fast as the official one? These are the questions I seek answers to.

  • i work for harveys and they are doing the ps3 with the bigger HDD. we are installing the hdd instore so come get them guys

  • Everyone is spot on. It’s just an 80gb console that Sony Australia has given us permission to advertise as a 160gb console. The hard drive that’s being used in this promotion is an Amicroe.

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