Is There More To The DJ Hero Controller?

Upon first seeing the DJ Hero peripheral this morning, many people remarked on how simple it looked. Three buttons and a turntable, and that was it. But is that it?

Take a look at the two shots released. They're awful. One only shows a small part of the device, from the top-down, while the other has one side of the controller abruptly cut off. When revealing product images to the press, you don't accidentally cut off sections of the image.

Oh, unless you're trying to hide something.

We wouldn't be surprised if Activision have a few more announcements left on this thing. Like, say, a small crossfader.

And if you're worried about it being in the top-left of the unit, take a look at the buttons on the two images. The "front" image has the buttons on the left, but on the top-down one they're on the right, suggesting that Activision simply flipped the front-on image, meaning the crossfader would actually be on the bottom-right of the unit.


    "suggesting that Activision simply flipped the front-on image, meaning the crossfader would actually be on the bottom-right of the unit."

    or possibly the top has been rotated or spun to the other side, like a real scratch board would do

    Does anybody else think this idea is stupid?

    I mean, Guitar Hero was ok because it is hard to learn to play a real guitar, and they simplified it to the level of a plastic stick with buttons.
    A plastic stick with buttons which is a different experience to playing guitar, but still keeps some key features.

    Learning how to mix two songs into each other isn't really that hard. Line up beats, fade one into the other.
    So difficult.

    Ok, so it's quite hard to do consistently at speed, but not so hard that you can make a good game out of it unless you make it more complex than it really is.
    Hey wait, looks like they did.
    Buttons on a turntable? What relationship does that have to the real thing at all?

      seriously Jammers, you're an idiot. if your some amateur dj who can't mix for shit, yea it is that simple. but good mixing and being a good dj takes a lot of skill, knowledge, practice, and understanding of music theory. so quite frankly, fuck off.

      i'm a dj, and i take offense to that. you could say the same shit about guitar or drums, where on a base level, a handful of chords or a simple snare/hi-hat progression is all you have to do to "play them", but that's not very good now is it?

    Clearly this is fake...

    I agree Jammers, the whole idea seems stupid to me, especially considering that they are planning to release about 3 other Guitar Hero games this year, I don't think the quality of these games will be great considering the amount that they are releasing, maybe they should spend some extra time on one game and make it good like Guitar Hero 3 or Rock Band.

    Game Informer showed the rest of the turntable in this month's issue.

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