Japanese Politicians Contend Adult Game Cause Sex Crimes

The recent Western crackdown on the legally-released-three-years-ago game Rapelay has inspired Japanese politicians swoop onto the bandwagon. Surprised?

The New Komeito Party is fingering erotic games as a negative influence on the rate of Japanese sex crimes.

As website Sankaku Complex points out, Japan has an extremely low sex crime rate:

UN Rape Rates per 100,000 Canada: 78.08 Australia: 77.79 USA: 32.05 Sweden: 24.47 UK: 16.23 France: 14.36 S. Korea: 12.98 Germany: 9.12 Russia: 4.78 Taiwan: 4.08 Japan: 1.78

The Komeito Party is quoted as stating, "There is a very good chance that the influence of violent sex games far exceeds that of regular pornography." The politicians provided no basis for these claims. How convenient.

守ろうとしているのは本当に子供か [カワタカ技研ココログ工場 via Sankaku Complex]


    GOD our country sucks. We're only better than CANADA, and that's not saying much

    ^^ was thinking the same thing. thats crazy!!

    Just a note to those commenters who have found their comments not appearing on this post: keep it sensible, OK?

    Maybe Aussies should start importing Japanese sex games to lower those rates? lol?


    It is conceivable (many do claims) that in some places, females simply do not report being sexually assaulted.
    Personally I don't buy that. But that's something to keep in mind.

    Japan has an extremly low rate of reports of sexual assault, that doesn't mean they're not happening.

    Seriously anyone who belivies that that is the rate of sex crimes commited in japan should look into it a bit. The culture is such that if a woman is raped society generaly considers the woman is at fault. Rapists get off with a slap on the wrists and all kinds of other crazy crap.

    Japan might be low in crime, but some friends over there have seen some weird stuff on trains.

    Just to be clear about that, the game is about raping people on a train. My friends have actually seen people get felt up on crowded trains, and some crazy old men will just let it out and rub one out while everybody is watching. Everybody else on the train does their best to pretend it's not happening. Just to indicate how bad it is, there is often a carriage for women only at the front of a train.

    Crime rate has nothing to do with it, there are some real problems with civil liberties over there. Games like Rapelay are just a symptom, so I don't know what good banning it will do, but I guess it's a start.

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