Japanese Voices On Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII, Who Needs 'Em?

Hey, did you hear? In the West, FFXIII is coming to the PS3 and the Xbox 360. The PS3 has Blu-ray. The Xbox 360 does not.

So when it comes to things like adding extra voice tracks, that might be difficult for the Xbox 360 version. According to Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase, "Obviously, when we talk about XIII it's for PS3 and Xbox – with PS3 being on Blu ray there would be enough memory, but on Xbox probably not. At the moment we're thinking of releasing the voice in English only. Are there many people who would like to play with Japanese voices?"

Um... Yes. This must be a trick question. We're sure of it.

Final Fantasy Reader Q&A [IGN via Final Fantasy-XIII]


    I feel that this is the perfect place to start the flame war.

    Obviously this demonstrates that anyone who owns a 360 is a failure at life and has small genitals.

    PS3 owner will rule the world etc.

    Is there any other purpose to this article

      Dang it my super 'sarcasm' tags failed.

      Insert sarcasm to above.

      Obviously this indicates my own failure at life and small parts.


    I believe infact that it is your lack of ownership of a 360 that reflects directly on the size of your own genitalia and further more I engaged in physical relations with your paternal mother on a previous evening :D

    In all seriousness though it is a bit of a shame, but maybe theyll do it anyway. Lost Odyssey pulled it off and I'd say the game is probably similar in size (although FF XIII is probably sporting higher res character models and textures). Not that I'm particularly bothered I was going to pick it up on PS3 anyway as its the lead SKU.

    I'm always amazed at how good looking eastern devs can make their games look on a small amount of space.

    RE5 for instance, the install-to-harddrive's minimal size makes me think there is hope for FFXIII without chopping out some mp3s.


    So that was you. Next time keep it down some of us like our sleep. Following your logic if PS3 represents small genitalia, I assume 360 represents large and Wii a lack there of... Therefor I have a perfectly average nothing (own all three).

    Seriously I do agree with your Lost Odyssey comment. Surely it can't be that hard to expand FFXIII out to multiple discs. If changing discs part way through a game is that much of a difficulty I suggest people really need to get off their ass more often.

    I am going to very very, very angry, if they end up just going english only just because they want it to be a level field between the 2 consoles. Ever since they've done English voicework with the FF series, it's been crap.

    that box shot is pure gold.

    another reason why
    ps3 > 360

    Nobody knows at this point what the PS3 vs 360 versions are going to be like at this point - they could be nigh on identical, that all depends on Square Enix.

    I agree with Resonance that if it's a choice between cutting it back or putting it on multiple discs on the 360 to make it a good game, it should be one multiple discs, & if people moan about it then they are lazy & should get of their fat @rses.

    Paul Down - you say they should be on a level playing field. You mean like some of the crappy PS3 ports of multiplatform games? I personally think that they should both be done to the best capability of each console. If that means one of the versions is better than the other then so be it. At least we'll be getting the best value for money. I also disagree with your comment on the English voiceovers been crap on FF. I thought FFX was perfectly decent, hardly award winning, but good none the less.

    I will be be buying this on PS3 in 2014 as that's what I have. I hope they do the 360 version justice, but they may have to find some sort of workaround for the difference in disc space between the 2 consoles.

    ahh yeah I would play with the Japanese voices if they had them cause I've been learning for 8 years and understand nearly all of it so combine that with eng subtitles and I would never use the english dub :D

    and I LOVE the picture... it took me a while to figure out at what it was getting at XDDDD

    I don't know what the big deal is. The PS3 isn't region locked as far as I'm aware, so if you want the Japanese version, buy it.

    People who say that the J voice overs are better when they can't understand the words are talking cobblers. How can you tell the emotional context when the grammar & vocalisation of Japanese is so different from English. If you can understand Japanese then I get it, but otherwise your deluding yourselves. Also, using a bad dub like Street Fighter doesn't necessarily mean that FFXIII will turn out the same. Heavenly Sword had Andy Serkis (LOTR Gollum) & Little Big Planet had Stephen Fry so anything is possible.

    There's also the other thing to consider, we don't know how much of a Blu-Ray FFXIII is going to take up, what if there is only actually room for 1 language on the disc when the Japanese version comes out. I'm not saying this will happen, but you never know.

    If Square Enix change the lip sync for the English versions, surely that means that to put the Japanese voice over on the disc also means having twice as much facial graphical data for anything conversations.

    This is all speculation, but nobody except Squeenix actually have any idea how it's going to turn out. I'll just be happy if they do the best on both systems, & the acting ends up being okay or better.

    if you ask me
    your probably asking the wrong person
    ask someone else



    Seriously dude, what is the point in paying out a genre?

    We all know how lazy Square are when it comes to releasing their games for the overseas markets. I thought that they'd finally got out of the stage :(

    They could easily add the Japanese audio tracks to the 360 via an update or DLC, it's installed on the hard drive that way.

    Be nice to have the original audio tracks so hope they do include them on both versions and we count ourselves lucky... at least 60% of the image on your screen won't be filled by black borders.

    Hell take out the english translation and just leave the japanese with subs. Their hasn't been a decent english voice actor in an FF game yet so why not just leave them out all together!

    ffs japanese voice over gaming for life

    Haha, if this doesn't happen...
    that means my poor little brother'll be a failure in life. xD lawl
    I'm so getting this as soon as it comes out on PS3! x'3
    Can't wait!
    (Wish they'd do this from now on. Most Eng dub sucks, no offense... ='o)

    No original Japanese audio = no buy from me
    Just check this video to understand how crappy the English VO is..


    When they decide to release an INTERNATIONAL version like Star Ocean: Last Hope or Resonance of Fate from SEGA that both have dual audio i will buy it until then Square-Enix r going to loose some sales for sure.
    Oh yeah except the VO we loose the original music theme of the game and we r forced to listen the new crappy song from Leona something..

    Square-Enix become a money-hungry beast that dont respect the fans give an exclusive to microsoft and ruin it in the process they can both go to hell.

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