Killzone 2 Flash And Thunder DLC Is A Blast From The Past

The second batch of downloadable content for Killzone 2 is due out next month, bringing two maps from the first Killzone to the PlayStation 3.

The Flash and Thunder Pack contains two classic Killzone maps remade from the ground up for Killzone 2. The Beach Head map sees the ISA defending a coastal stronghold against a Helghast landing force, while the Southern Hills map reverses fortunes, with the ISA storming a Helghast compound on top of a hill, presumably somewhere in the south. Limited in size, the Beach Head map should be good for small skirmishes, while the expansive Southern Hills map is more suited for a large-scale game.

Check out the first screens from the new pack below, and look for the Flash and Thunder Pack to arrive on June 11th, with a price to be determined at a later date.


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