Kobayashi Maru Teaches You To Cheat

Star Trek D-A-C launches on Xbox Live Arcade tonight—and if you're clever enough to press the right combination of buttons to trigger a currently unannounced cheat code, you can score the Kobayashi Maru Achievement.

Chris Plane over at UGO Games Blog reports that D-A-C developer Naked Sky Entertainment "also confirm a Red Shirt Achievement awarded to the first to die in a multiplayer game." Since the entire game is multiplayer, I'm pretty sure I'll unlock Red Shirt before I figure out the magic button combo to unlock Kobayashi Maru.

The game is a top-down space shooter where players can choose from three classes of ship to engage in several fierce multiplayer match modes. This mystery cheat code that unlocks Kobayashi Maru will supposedly improve your ship's offenses and defenses; which is ironic because the "point" of the Kobayashi Maru test in Star Trek lore is to teach pilots fear when faced with a no-win situation. Captain Kirk cheats and reprograms the test so that it is possible to win.

Check out our preview of the game here; and go see the movie, if you haven't yet.

Star Trek D-A-C to Feature First Achievement Unlocked Via Cheat Code [UGO Games Blog][Image Credit]


    Wait, so they've deliberately enabled cheating in a multiplayer only game, seemingly so they can throw in a vaguely amusing achievement?

    Is it just me, or does that seem incledibly stupid?

    What happens when the first person finds out the cheat and it spreads like crazy on the internet? Won't it just be a normal part of gameplay eventually since it upgrades your stats?

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