KoF XII - Getting To Know Elizabeth And Mature

Let's take a more intimate look at Elizabeth and Mature, the two new female fighters recently added to the roster of The King of Fighters XII.

So who are these two new ladies, and where do they fit into the ongoing King of Fighters saga? Here's the official word.

Mature is pretty quick on her feet and favours speedy attacks when in combat. She used to be Rugal's secretary, but rumour has it she may have been a spy. She is a babe, but she can also be somewhat ruthless and cruel. Elizabeth's fighting style is more orthodox, but she can be tricky despite her minimal move set. She once invited Benimaru Nikaido and Dup Lon to France to form the Rival Team. Elizabeth has a special relationship with Ash Crimson.

A special relationship? I'm on the edge of my seat here! You guys check out screenshots of Elizabeth and Mature in action while I scoot backwards a bit. It's quite dangerous, sitting on the edge like that.


    Who gives a damn about Mai, Mature looks great. Bring on Vice.

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