Kojima Productions Updates Site With... Big Boss Image

The last Kojima Productions countdown clock wasn't exactly climatic. This one will hopefully make up for it.

The lighting and rain return, but the letters "R" and "P" flash on the screen... along with? What looks like a close-up of Big Boss.

Thanks, treegreen!


    I dont know if people have notice this but if you do the maths the timer runs out on the 1st of June... WAIT isn't that Microsoft's Press Conference?

      Not only has it been noticed before, but it was noticed ON THIS SITE about a week or so ago

        link please?

      not exactly sure but i think there is another 36 hour countdown with Raiden and i think that i saw in some site that that isnt big boss.


        More then likely there will be but if thats the case then the new timer will pass both microsoft and sony's press conference.

    @x fORS4kEN I'm not going off anything here but I thought the big 3 presentations were all around the one day before the main event.

    If whatever this is were to come to Microsoft I'd hope it'd still be on the PS3 too! The more consoles the better :)

    Also, Kojima is killing me here.

      im not saying its an xbox 360 exclusive but this timer runs out on the 1st of june (microsoft's press conference) both sony and nintendo's press conference are on the 2nd but who knows the timer might restart when this one ends.

        There's an interview about this with Kojima in the Japanese PlayStation Famitsu magazine.

        So it's on Playstation.


    apparently found by someone on gamespot

    oops wrong one xD
    found by someone on gamespot

      whoa! thanks for that :)


    Famitsu magazine is just a general gaming magazine, kind of like australia's hyper magazine

    Its still not confermed thats its on xbox or playstation but metal gear has popped up on nintendo and iphone but who knows namco's tekken and square enix's final fantasy have come over so who know's, i guess we will find out in the next couple of days.


    One. Trick. Pony.
    Disappointed, Kojima. What is this? Raiden.. Prelude or something? Pff

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