Kojima Takes Countdown Clocks To Their Absurd Conclusion

They're a passionate bunch, those Metal Gear fans. So when series creator Hideo Kojima throws up a simple flash page, you can bet they'll go absolutely bananas.

In the wake of the site being updated with naught but a single countdown clock, the flashing of the number "5" (or the letter "S"!) and some thunder & lightning (OMG RAIDEN MEANS THUNDER & LIGHTNING IN JAPANESE), the page's source code has been read, compiled, digested, analysed then read again by some the world's keenest Metal Gear fans, hungry for clues on what it all means.

And they've found the following:

- Analysing the page's source code via Flash, it seems that the current countdown on the site is but one of five clocks that will run on the site over the next few weeks. Absolutely absurd, yes, and PR companies, know it's an abhorrent practice, but what's interesting about this is that the fifth one runs out on June 1. Or, the day of Microsoft's E3 press conference (Sony's is a day later, on June 2).

- The site occasionally flashes white when lightning flashes. At the bottom of the screen, you can clearly see the words "APRIL 2007". Does that mean anything to hardcore series fans?

- The site's search keywords are "Hideo Kojima", "MGS", "METAL GEAR", "NEXT", "game", "Konami", "Kojima game", "KJP", "Kojima Production". Interesting that, if they're search engine keywords, none of them say "MGS5".

So, yes, make of that what you will.

What do we make of it? PR people who think countdown clocks are a good idea should be taken out back and kicked in the nads. We're only interested in this one because the thought of a Metal Gear-related announcement (if that's even what this is) at a Microsoft press conference tickles our funny bones.


    its probably a MGS4 port to 360

      But why the number 5 (or letter S) then? What relevance would it have to a MGS4 port to 360?

        Okay, I've just realised that I can answer my own question. The letter S could stand for Substance/Subsistance/something else that starts with S. Both MGS2 and MGS3 saw updated versions of the games released as MGS2: Substance and MGS3: Subsistance, respectively. It's not too much of a stretch to say that the potential for an updated version of MGS4 is on the cards. It also wouldn't be to much of a stretch to think that it could be released on both the 360 or PS3, as this actually happened before with MGS2 (the original game was released on PS2, and then Substance was released on PS2 and Xbox).

        The only thing I could think of in regards to "APRIL 07" correlates with the MGS series in any way (no release dates for any of the games were in April 07) is that in Metal Gear's timeline, the Tanker Incident (seen in the opening chapter of MGS2) took place in the year 2007. I couldn't find any information that stated that it took place specifically in April, but the Big Shell chapter of the story (where you play as Raiden) takes place on the 29th of April, 2009, and is said to take place 2 years after the Tanker incident. If this is taken to mean that the Tanker incident took place EXACTLY 2 years before the Big Shell chapter, then this would place the Tanker incident in April 07.

        Continuing with this theory, it could mean a number of things. It could be a reference to the first game in the series to have an updated version (MGS2: Substance, pointing to my initial theory of a 'Substance/Subsistance' version of MGS4. It could be a reference to the events that took place in MGS2, which could really mean anything. For example, it could be referencing the first appearance of Raiden in the series (hinting he'll be back), or the fact Snake wasn't the main character (hinting that he won't be the main character of the next game), or even that the next actual MGS game (not counting spin-offs like Portable Ops or Ac!d) could be related to the events in MGS2 or take place along side them.

        Or, knowing Kojima, I am most probably completely wrong. Its fun to guess though. ^^

    Note this, people: Project 'S' was announced in April 2007. Also, April 2007 is when Raiden met Rose.

    And also, I remember reading that Konami said they weren't working on an Xbox 360 port of MGS4, but that they were revealing something.

    What is it? I'll keep my mouth shut until E3.

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