Left 4 Dead's Francis Hates Whatever You Hate

Zombie apocalypse survivor Francis hates everything—vans, woods, boomers, kittens, sunshine. Now, in yet another Twitter/Left 4 Dead mash up, he can hate whatever you and the tweeting public hate.

I Hate Vans taps into the hatred of the tedium, turning Left 4 Dead's tattooed sourpuss into an internet hating machine. You hate Mondays? Francis hates Mondays. You hate Memorial Day traffic? Francis hates Memorial Day traffic. You tweet your burning hatred for anything and Francis will back you up.

It gets a little bizarre sometimes, when Francis hates on things like Full House, World of Warcraft and working retail—or even when he just laments "I hate." But it's entertaining!

I Hate Vans


    Slowtaku strikes again!

    But really, it's pretty cool :P

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