Let's Run A PS3 Through A Medical Scanner!

X-rays of consoles and controllers are neat and all, but for those after something a little more 21st-century, why not take a look at a controller and console run through a medical CT scanner.

These game-related examples are just two of the items artist (and medical student) Satre Stuelke was able to pass through a CT scanner, which gives us not only these attractively revealing pictures, but some fascinating "fly-by" movies as well.

The one that looks like a DualShock 3, well, that's a DualShock 3, while the other one is a PlayStation 3 console. You can see the pictures above, while below, the scan-through movies.



    Hehehe, these pictures kind of remind me of when I went on a trip to another state, and placed my PS3 into carry on luggage. The guy scanning all the carry on luggage had this bored look on his face till this mass of electronics passed by on his screen. His eyes just about bulged out of his head, thinking it was a bomb XD Regardless, i had to explain myself rather quickly to prevent my PS3 from being disassembled there and then :D

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