Lionhead Teases Big News At Microsoft's E3 Presser

Lionhead will definitely be playing a part in Microsoft's E3 2009 press conference this Monday, joining the growing horde of game development studios using Twitter for evil teasing purposes.

As if all the news slipping out in the days leading up to E3 2009, this year we have to deal with the growing number of Twitter teases, such as this one from the official Lionhead Twitter:

Lionhead is off to LA for this year's E3 and will give a big presentation at the Microsoft press conference on Monday! Watch this space!

What does that mean? Is a new game being announced? More downloadable content for Fable II? Could it possibly tie in to the other Lionhead on Twitter, who was recently seen enjoying the unusually cool weather?

Probably not. Just another little bit of teasing that will contribute to the formation of ulcers leading up to next week's big reveal.

Lionhead's Teasing Tweet [Official Lionhead Twitter via Keighley's Twitter]


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